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Yearbook, Seth Rogen

I didn’t know what to expect from this book outside the fact that perhaps I’d have a few laughs. Seth, if you ever in the miniscule chance read this… please, write more books. I laughed my ass off. I only read two short stories a day to savor the book. I was excited to finish my breathing exercises, so I could get my morning coffee, sit in my rocker, and read a few stories from his book. His interactions with whacked out celebrities are priceless. His high school recollections, weed trips, Jewish summer camp, everything…the guy doesn’t take himself seriously. The book’s written as if Seth is in the room telling you stories conversation-style. It works…well. This is not poetry… it’s not David Foster Wallace by any means. Rogen writes basic.. what’s in his mind. And sometimes, that type of reading is just fine with me.


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