I’ve always been an avid reader… especially when I began going on long expeditions and needed to keep preoccupied during storm days, rest days, loss of sanity days. One of my favorite things to do, still, is going to the library and check out a book. It’s like Christmas morning, especially if I’m fortunate to be the first to read a brand-new book they’ve just acquired.


The reason I’ve decided to start posting books I read is a selfish one.  If this gets one person to put down their smartphone, turn off their laptop or TV, and sit for an undisturbed period of time to enjoy a good book, then it’s worth it. The benefits are abundant.


Most books I read have been suggested to me by other readers, admirers, or in magazine reviews. Not every book I read I like… though a majority of those won’t be posted because I just can’t finish them… too boring and won't hold my attention.


Get outside, sit under a tree or pop in a tent, and read.


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Five Came Back, Mark Harris

A thorough and well-researched book on the eyes of WWII through the lens of five of Hollywood's most famous directors, who entered the war in middle age, and found themselves with a new world to conquer. The war would reshape Hollywood from the top down, just as it reshaped the rest of America. The war marked the govt’s first attempt at a sustained program of filmed propaganda, and its use of Hollywood filmmakers to explain its objectives, tout its success, and shape the war as a narrative for both civilians and soldiers… a radical experiment. But by the time they came home, the idea the directors once held that war would be an adventure was a distant memory of their guideless incomprehensio

The Overstory, Richard Powers

The author tells the story of 9 Americans who are drawn into deep and interesting relationships with trees. Each character arc is so distinct and powerful, and the writing is incredible. Had no clue it was the 2019 Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction. This type of writing.. you must massage, take your time, reflect on each page, otherwise, you’ll miss elements that impact the author’s intent. Humankind is deeply ill. The species won’t last long.. it was an aberrant experiment, and soon the world will be returned to healthy intelligences – colonies and hives, with trees being a passage between earth and sky.

You Think It, I’ll Say It, Curtis Sittenfeld

The author’s first short-story collection captures the very essence of what it was like to be alive in pre-COVID America. A quick read of ten stories featuring an Ivy League student, a lawyer on a honeymoon, a housewife fantasizing about a career meeting an an old friend whose persona and lifestyle may seem to all be built on a lie. Each story is suffused with themes of greed, infidelity, longing, and ambition within the constructs of relationships, class, gender roles. Questionable decisions and missed connections… how they effect facets of daily life.

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