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Sean's grandfather lived a life of exploration and adventure. During their last conversation before his death, he offered Sean words and ideals that changed his life forever, and are a benchmark to how he lives his life today.

The words are simple. The application is not.

"Live your life."



I never camped out in a tent until I was in my twenties. 

I am extremely afraid of heights.

I was vastly afraid to speak in front of people growing up.

My parents divorced.

I felt no lasting purpose and questioned the meaning of life constantly.

I never climbed a mountain over 5,000ft. until I was twenty-nine.

The first mountain I attempted to climb I failed.

I did not believe in myself or that my dreams could become reality.

I was fearful of living a life unlived and unfulfilled.

Now, I believe:

It's never too late to make a change.

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