I’ve always been an avid reader… especially when I began going on long expeditions and needed to keep preoccupied during storm days, rest days, loss of sanity days. One of my favorite things to do, still, is going to the library and check out a book. It’s like Christmas morning, especially if I’m fortunate to be the first to read a brand-new book they’ve just acquired.


The reason I’ve decided to start posting books I read is a selfish one.  If this gets one person to put down their smartphone, turn off their laptop or TV, and sit for an undisturbed period of time to enjoy a good book, then it’s worth it. The benefits are abundant.


Most books I read have been suggested to me by other readers, admirers, or in magazine reviews. Not every book I read I like… though a majority of those won’t be posted because I just can’t finish them… too boring and won't hold my attention.


Get outside, sit under a tree or pop in a tent, and read.


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As a Man Thinketh, James Allen

Originally published in 1903, a classic on the power of thought. An encapsulation of his distinct philosophy of self-help, ethical living, and mind-power metaphysics. It’s simple but complicated. Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results; bad thoughts and actions can never produce good results. Enjoyed the section on effects of thought on health and body. Essentially the body is the servant of the mind. Agreed, but physical and nutrition are as important. All that a person achieves and all that he/she fails to achieve is the direct result of their own thoughts. Calmness of the mind is one of the jewels of wisdom. He details his “Eight Pillars of Prosperity”. Here they are: 1.

Life Undercover, Amaryllis Fox

The author graduated from National Cathedral School and grad school at Georgetown before being recruited to join CIA’s most elite clandestine unit. What was it like to be undercover? To practice dead drops and source development, right here in our own backyard? Her book tells all. And that’s what I couldn’t get over. She reveals a lot about the methods of the CIA. Terrorism is a psychological game of escalation. It’s not the last attack that scares people. It’s the next one. She saw herself as a converter, metabolizing suffering into action. Field operatives reach out to clandestine sources, moles within terror organizations or foreign govts, and ask them for clarification during late-night

The Order of Time, Carlo Rovelli

The theoretical physicist gives a poetic voice to the common human experience of moving through time. The book is divided into 3 parts: what modern physics has understood about time; what we have been left with.. a world stripped of its essence; and in a world without time, there must still be something that gives rise to the time that we are accustomed to with its past that is different from the future. It left me a better understanding how exactly that happens and made me look at time in a completely new light where the notion of ‘the present’ refers to things that are close to us, not to anything that is far away.

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