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Sean Consults for Fortune 500 Companies, Professional & Olympic Athletes, and Media Throughout the World. Some of Those Include:


Thank you for being our keynote speaker at our annual Tourism Summit in Norfolk. Your presentation Mind Over Mountains: Conquering Your Mt Everest, was inspirational and perfect for our summit. The Governor mentioned what a pleasure to speak with you beforehand on climate change.

Rita McClenny, CEO Virginia Tourism Corporation


Thank you for your participation in NPCA’s education courses at our 52nd Annual Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. We truly appreciate the time and effort you dedicated to making this event a success!

Attached are the results from your Annual Convention course evaluation. As you will see, our attendees were pleased with their educational experience.

Kathy Ritsmon, Director of Education Programs, National Precast Concrete Association



Thanks again for last week. Wednesday night was a really enjoyable evening for all our managers. I couldn’t be more pleased with how the evening went.

Would love to get you in front of all my LOs at some point in the near future.

Alex Wish, CEO First Heritage Mortgage



I can't thank you enough for being with us today - you were engaging, genuine, authentic, and amazing!  Thank you for sharing your story and serving as an inspiration and motivation for your Leadership Fellows.

Kim Blair, VP Institutional Advancement Ferrum College


Thank you so much for presenting such an inspiring and motivating lecture at Realtorfest. All the Realtors loved you and you were the talk of the educational seminar throughout the rest of the day.  The stories and "habits" you provided were awe inspiring and informative.  We sincerely appreciate your willingness to speak to us.

Linsey Allenbaugh, Development Coordinator Realtorfest


 Sean's workshop was like nothing our team had ever experienced before.  He took us from motivation to complete active participation on how to be the best not only with yourself and but with your team.  He is inspiring and we look forward to having him come back again.

Kun Yang, Executive Director Agricultural Bank of China

Your resume is very impressive Sean.  We thank you for consulting at our resort and building the brand of Mission Hills and it's golf programs.  Your wellness and fitness programs are world-class and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.
Tenniel Chu, Vice Chairman & Executive Director Mission Hills Holdings Ltd., Hong Kong 

Your presentation was very inspirational and the highlight of our day for our workshop.  I hope we can have you visit us in the future in Moscow to inspire my entire team!

Vladimir Gromov, Trade & Export Finance Division, Sberbank, Russia



We were extremely fortunate to have Sean agree to speak at our annual Sales Rally, and the presentation was amazing. Within seconds, Sean had us on the edge of our seats, and the excitement and enthusiasm built from there. Between Sean’s accomplishments, attitude, and determination to honestly not accept failure, it’s simply impossible to sit through his presentation and not come out with a renewed sense that you can and must set and achieve higher goals. I can’t imagine a better speaker to help kick start our sales efforts and truly set the positive attitudes so important to our efforts. My sincere thanks to Sean for a truly motivational morning.

Win Carithers, Director of Retail Mortgage StellarOne



I wanted to personally thank you and tell you the great news that we won 3 design awards from Travel Weekly Magellan magazine Awards for outstanding guestroom, lobby bar lounge and fitness club designs!!  There was no way we could have done this without your expert services with the fitness design. I look forward to using your services in the future as our brand expands 
Don Griner, Senior Director, Design & Innovation, Cambria Suites, Choice Hotels International

Hi Sean – and congratulations on being honored as US Goodwill Ambassador to Nepal! What you have done for Nepal and it's people is extraordinary, and very appreciated. This is quite a feat and definitely worthy of celebration. My heartfelt congratulations on your achievements.

Terry J. White, Counselor for Public Affairs, U.S. Embassy Kathmandu

Sean and I have been working together for about 6 months now. His knowledge and experiences have taught me a lot about what true fitness really is all about. Sean has a unique ability to make each lesson exciting, effective, fun and most of all very challenging. He knows what he is talking about.  I have been playing golf as a Touring Professional and Golf Instructor for 26 years now and handing over my fitness to Sean has really made a difference in my performance. Thanks for educating me and making me aware of what "real" fitness is all about.

Cindy Reid CEO Cindy Reid Golf Enterprise

As you could probably tell from my dialogue after your presentation, I was very motivated by you.  You articulated via words and images the relationship between positive self talk, positive attitude and success. In sales and life, attitude defines success. You did an excellent job conveying this message.  You also very vividly got across the notion that you can not blindly take so called experts advice.   I got a lot of very positive feedback from the group. The theme of your presentation was excellent for a sales group.  Thank you!

John Sway,VP, National Renovation Manager, Wells Fargo Corporation

It is not enough to capture someone’s imagination.  Sean puts you right in the middle of his life and his expeditions by showing you how to succeed the Sean Burch way.  His simply tools for success can be applied to anything in life whether you’re scaling Mount Everest or vying for your next promotion.  His message is clear; you are better off living life on your terms, the alternative being experiencing life from the outside looking in.  His extraordinary examples lead us to live our lives in a way we would only dream.  His genius is then making you believe you too can do the things he has done.  Sean is an inspiration to the ordinary person who has the desire but just needs to unleash the energy.
Frank Oviedo , Deputy City Manager, City of Elk Grove, California   

Thank you for the wonderful keynote address and presentation at our President's Evenin.  You have a special gift of being able to connect with an audience, and you showed that talent.  Many, many thanks!
Michael Maxey, President, Roanoke College

Your presentation and approach teaches all of us that with a goal and then a solid game plan one can reach places that are almost unimaginable, even Mt. Everest.  Many can speak about it, but to do it, that's real!  We can all admire those who have climbed Mt Everest but to have the opportunity to share in your personal journey is very unique…a wonderful presentation.

Chis Wied, Northwestern Mutual


Thank you for speaking at our recent Community Bank Management Conference. Your presentation was excellent and many bankers talked about your inspirational message throughout the remainder of the conference. You have clearly had many memorable experiences and you did a terrific job of relating your own experiences into lessons on leadership that are of value to all of us.

B. Whitehurst ,Executive VP, Virginia Bankers Association

I had the great fortune of meeting Sean Burch in November of 2011 while working together in China. I would have to say that he has changed my life in more ways than anyone can imagine. I had worked with countless fitness trainers back in the states and also trainers here in China and I have never seen anyone that knows their profession as he does. He has revolutionized the world of fitness in my eyes. His workouts have taken my personal performance to levels that I never thought were possible. After training and working with Sean I was capable of teaching 12-14 hours/ days without any trouble and then working out on top of that. My mind has become sharper, my teaching has become better and more than anything I feel great! I know that without meeting Sean I would not be where I am today.
Thanks Sean I can’t thank you enough for your efforts and support!

Trevor Salzman, Professional Golf Instructor (Clients include Basketball Legend Michael Jordan, Comedian Bill Engvall, PGA Tour player Jonathan Kaye)




"I am still in disbelief.  I didn't think that was possible until I read your book."

I don't even know where to begin but you have already made a huge impact on my life.

Here's the short version: I bought the book and was sucked in right from page 1. I decided the my everest would be a triathlon. I had never done one but had some experience as a runner and cyclist. So based on your guidance, I set my goal high. I wrote down in my journal, 'I want to be a triathlon champion!'

I competed in my first sprint triathlon. I was the 3rd woman overall and 1st in my age group.

I am still in disbelief. I didn't think that was possible until I read your book.
Thank you, Sean!!!!!!!
Angel S.
"I love the variety and the challenges. I am so psyched!"
I do love the book and the philosophy behind the program. Today was my first day doing the full first two week "climber" program. Whew!! It was tough but I loved it. It makes so much sense and is indeed challenging and fun. Last week after buying the book I worked on adding a few Hyperfitness exercises to my regular routine and even that gave a whole new quality to my workout. I am a Yoga Therapist and work with private clients on a holistic mind, body, spirit approach to their lives. Vigorous exercise is almost always lacking in addition to come of the other issues that bring them to me.

I am a 59 year old African-American woman and I am way more fit than the average woman my age. At 50 I ran the Marine Corp Marathon and at 54 I cycled from Raleigh, North Carolina to Washington, D.C. in AIDSRide. However in the last few years all of my exercising has not kept weight from creeping on. Last summer I was cycling 75-100 miles a week and all I did was maintain at 143lb. (I'm only 5'4") This year I have been cycling, jogging, walking and doing weights and have still put on 7lbs! I was at my wits end since I exercise 4-5 days a week. I must add that I am an extremely healthy eater--no junk or fast food. Lean protein, lots of organic and local fruits and veggies, etc.

I think I understand the concepts that the Hyperfitness system is based on and I love the variety and the challenges. I am so psyched!
Gayle F.
"I started about three weeks ago and have dropped 10lbs."
I started about three weeks ago and have dropped 10lbs.
It is a great workout! I think the combination of different things is working for me.
Kate Delaney
Host of the America Tonight Show
(syndicated, 80 markets)
"I would otherwise have been "killing time" and hiding behind
the excuses that "I am a mom and my boys are just too young..."
I am a fit group exercise and cycling instructor, and occassional recreational athlete. I am also a 41 year-old recent hip replacement woman who is struggling to redefine myself.
I recently purchased your book and have only read the first couple of chapters. I am already motivated to quit a job (outside of my teaching) that needs me more than I need it. It will be a financial strain on my family, but my husband is supportive of helping me set and reach goals that will make me happy. Thank you for encouraging this process. I would otherwise have been "killing time" and hiding behind the excuses that "I am a mom and my boys are just too young, etc.".
DeeDee E.
Bend, Oregon
"All the best and thanks for putting a great program out there -
I have been telling all my friends about it."
Thus far, I have really enjoyed your book and the workouts - they are truly smokers. I am an adventure racer primarily, but am training for an Ironman in October, a 50KM race in August, and a 6 mile ocean swim in November. Despite all the training I am doing, and a pretty solid base, I find that Hyperfitness really pushes me.

I have also really enjoyed your personal stories and your goal program. Interestingly, one of my Inner Everest goals is to climb the outer Everest, and I have a great appreciation for your accomplishments. I also got your book at a great time in my life - one where I was struggling to figure out what is important to me and what I want to truly do with my life.

All the best and thanks for putting a great program out there - I have been telling all my friends about it.
"Thanks for the extra push.
I’m 43 and getting in the best shape of my life."
Sean, I read your book it was awesome! I own a fitness facility in New York state. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Also I am a martial artist background in sambo/bjj. Just started your program and WHAT AN EYE OPENER! Thanks for the extra push. I’m 43 and getting in the best shape of my life. Also a father of two wonderful children.
Frank W.
New York
"I've just been so excited everyday to get my workout in
and am looking forward to competing in future
running events and triathlons."
I just wanted to tell Sean Burch again how absolutely impressed I am with this program (and the book as a whole). This past Sunday i ran my 1st 5K ever and placed 1st in my age group and 15th overall. I never had ever ran more than a mile at a time and after just 5 weeks of the program I was able to do this. Anyways, I've just been so excited everyday to get my workout in and am looking forward to competing in future running events and triathlons.
Thanks again,
Long Beach, CA
"A breath of fresh air and my body is reacting
in ways I barely remember."
As a long time group fitness instructor who is bored with counting, counting, counting, I was thrilled to find your book and begin your program. It was like a breath of fresh air and my body is reacting in ways I barely remember. So, thanks for the great info the book provides.
"It is tough and keeps the heart rate up."
The exercise routine (I am starting at the Climber level) is comparable to the Special Forces Combat Diver (Key West, Florida) daily exercise routine. It is tough and keeps the heart rate up while stimulating the whole body to perform. I do plan to complete the 12-week program.
Rick R.
Key West, Florida
"Daniel began hyperfitness four months afterundergoing quadruple bypass surgery."
Although I had no symptoms, based on my family history of heart disease, my primary physician ordered a stress test as a part of a physical in July 2002.  The test results of abnormal, which subsequently led to immediate additional tests scheduled as soon as feasible.  The nuclear stress test and angiogram that followed resulted in a diagnosis of coronary artery disease and revealed four coronary arteries more than 90 percent blocked.  I underwent quad bypass surgery on September 3, 2002, at the age of fifty-three.
I returned to work approximately eight weeks after surgery, although full recovery and a return to near normal took quite a bit longer.  There were both physical and mental challenges to all that went on, and while I consider myself very lucky (to be alive, to be with my family, to have a good family doctor, to be healthy), it is an ordeal that I urge all to avoid.  Unlike many, I wanted to exercise post surgery during cardiac rehabilitation, which I did on my own.  Four months post-surgery, I could not do a single sit-up because of latent incision pain and muscle atrophy.
My real progress since the surgery has come since January 2005, when I started training under the direction of Sean Burch’s Hyperfitness program.  For me, the results have been extraordinary.  Even with the beta clocker I take every day (which suppresses the fight or flight response, makes you tire more quickly, and reduces your heart rate by 10-20bpm over what it was when I started the class, my overall cardiac fitness has increased dramatically to the point where I do things now that four to five months ago there would have been no way ( warming up on the treadmill at a pace more than 2 mpg faster than I could do when I started leaping multiple onto steps with 10 risers, in but one of the most recent examples).  I enjoy a level of fitness and well-being that I have not experienced since I was a teenager.  And it is not only the physical–my mind and spirit are also much better for it.  Having aced nuclear stress test last month and having my cardiologist tell me to keep doing what I am doing are just more encouragement to keep pushing forward.
Daniel D.
Profession: Engineer
"I have been participating in Sean Burch's Hyperfitness programbefore, during, and after pregnancy."
I attended a variety of exercise classes, and even hired a personal trainer.  None of these endeavors were going to keep me coming back to the gym and make exercise a permanent part of my lifestyle.  I needed a program that would truly motivate me to work my hardest to achieve my potential.
The Hyperfitness program has made a huge impact of my life.  I feel better today than I did a decade ago.  Sean has high expectations and encourages us to achieve our goals both in and out of the gym.  He is with us every step of the way on our road to wellness and personally puts his methods to the test, as demonstrated by his impressive running and mountaineering feats.  How inspiring to have your instructor ‘walk the walk’ or in this case, ‘run the run.’
I have been participating in Sean Burch ’s program before, during, and after pregnancy.  To continue with the Hyperfitness program during my pregnancy was the best decision I ever made.  A few modifications to the program were required, but the expectations stayed the same.  I felt great throughout the entire nine months and was able to continue my works until my due date.  After the baby, I took a few weeks off, then jumped right back in the Hyperfitness program.  Gradually I have achieved, even surpassed, my pregnancy fitness.  I have more energy throughout the day, carry less stress with me, and am happier than I’ve ever been.  I am currently looking forward to my first triathlon, something I would have never attempted a few years ago, let alone a few months after having a baby.
Ann H.
Profession: Elementary School Teacher
"After visits to seven different gyms… I was very discouraged. Then i checked out the Hyperfitness program taught by Sean Burch."
A year and a half ago I began a new job working in northern Virginia during the week, commuting to my home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on the weekends—a schedule I still keep.  After finding an apartment to rent, my first item of personal business was to find a gym and a program that would challenge me.  After visits to seven different gyms, I was unable to connect with a program that was remotely appropriate and was very discouraged.  Then I checked out a health club in northern Virginia, and specifically the programs taught by Sean Burch.
Unlike most of his students, I knew nothing of Sean’s incredible athletic accomplishments.  I just happened upon the club and him by blind luck!  What good fortune it was, too!  I have never been more motivated by a leader or program than Sean’s Hyperfitness program, or as satisfied with the results.  Last year, at the the age of sixty, I ran in the Marathon des Sables in Morocco, and I was physically and mentally prepared to run it competitively, as a result of Sean’s example.  I am now sixty-one, and have never been in better shape in my life.
As one of his students, I know Sean Burch to be one of the most extraordinary, creative, and committed persons I have ever met.  I, for one, certainly point with pride to my good fortune in being able to work out with him and his Hyperfitness program.
Robert B.
Profession: Senior Asset Manager
"Sean Burch brought the color back into my life. For this, I am thankful to my dear friend and guide."

I got hit by a car and was seriously injured.  I lost not only my body strength, but also a part of my will to go on.  I crawled back to the gym in hopes of finding something that would help me recover.  I tried chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, balance therapy, massage.  I was not much better.
I’m at the gym one afternoon.  I am walking to the water fountain and I see this six-foot-plus redhead teaching a fitness class.  I stared, mesmerized and amazed at his strength and tenacity during the class.  He had incredible determination, an indomitable spirit, a stunning focus on the moment at hand, and an aura of something—something I couldn’t put my finder on—confidence in himself, inner wisdom, dreams, and desire.
I spoke with this man with the kind eyes and sinewy body and enormous positive energy and found out his name was Sean Burch, and he would help me.  And help me he did.  We started out with martial arts training and balance drills.  Gradually we worked up to boxing, fitness, drills, and one-on-one training in his dojo.  We trained hard and my body responded in ways I never thought possible.  Sean pushed me to my limits.  He made me believe I could do things.  He wanted me to get better.  He was blunt.  He would not put up with excuses.  He made me a better person physically.
But the story doesn’t end here.  Sean Burch’s greatest gift to me was his belief in me.  I told him that I couldn’t go on training unless I worked though issues that kept coming up from my past.  He began training me mentally.  He listened to me.  He started to make me believe that I could dream.  Funny, huh?  My dysfunctional family life didn’t allow dreams.  Sean Burch is a dreamer who takes his dreams and makes them a reality.
Sean Burch climbs mountains.  My mountain to overcome in non positive thinking.  I am a forty-four-year old woman who struggles, just like most women, with body issues.  Sean teaches me that unless you change your thinking, you cannot change your body.  He’s right.  When Sean talks about Hyperfitness, he means to live your life so that you are excited and hyper about it—excited about your goals, your dreams, and you everyday moments.  He teaches you to embrace your life in the here and now.  He does no preach Pollyanna thinking; he teaches you that a struggle is a part of life and quick fixes never work.
I am writing this testimonial from the heart.  I hope someone, somewhere, who is struggling with issues—whether they are mental or physical or emotional—will read this and know that there is someone who can change you.  The only thing Sean asks of you is to commit to change and give 100 percent.  Not easy.  But if you aren’t living your life and reaching your peaks, then what are you really doing with your life?  Are you surviving or living?
Sean brought the color back into my life.  For this, I am thankful to my dear friend and guide.
Lori M.
Profession: Senior Technical Writer

"I went from two promotions in 9 years pre-Hyperfitness to six promotions in nine years post-Hyperfitness. The number of awards I received tripled after I started working with Sean Burch's Hyperfitness program."

Thanks to Sean, I was able to blend confidence, focus, and discipline into a successful career track.  Despite having working in the U.S. government for nine years, I was still a junior-grade employee, having had only two promotions with no clear vision of how I was going to achieve my goals.  Training with Sean—learning from Sean—notion built my physical conditioning and self-defense skills but also instilled confidence and discipline that helped me dramatically accelerate my career.  I went from two promotions in nine years pre-Sean to six promotions in nine years post-Sean.  The number of awards I received tripled after I started working with Sean.  I rose from a run-of-the-mill analyst with no supervisory role to the deputy chief of sixty-five-person group, the latter at a grade lower than most people will even be considered for the position.  Sure, I worked hard for these achievements, but I had worked hard before 1998, too.  You can band as hard as you want to try to open a door but a key is so much easier.
Training with Sean melded the key for me, and I’ve benefited greatly.  I’m still learning from every session with Sean; the sessions are critical to my job satisfaction and focus.  In addition to being a world-class instructor, Sean is an extraordinary man.  Despite his world-record accomplishments, Sean focuses more on other people—his family, his friends, and his students—than he does on himself.  It was this blend of accomplishment and compassion-and earthshaking passion; let me tell you—that drove me up a 4,500 foot mountain during a recent hike.  I had never hiked a mountain this high, and even though it was minuscule by Sean’s standards, it was my first Everest (as Sean himself pointed out for me).  It was far more difficult than I could have imagined.  Forget wooded, grassy paths—this was a boulder-strewn, stone-laden maze you could just barely call a path.  Going up was tough; struggling down was tougher.  I was getting schooled, and I didn’t like it.  However, every time I felt as if I couldn’t make it up the mountain, ever time I felt as if my burning quads were going to give way down the mountain, I heard Sean’s voice in my head: “Breathe, focus, brother.  Are you going to let this mountain beat you?  How bad do you want it?”  The truth was, I wanted it bad.  The mountain tempted me, taunted me, but I never could have met the challenge without Sean.  His teachings—both physical and mental—again provided me with the key.
Take it from me: you’ve never really seen energy and inspiration unless you know, have met, or read the words of Sean Burch.  Take a read; it’ll do you good—for a lifetime.
George C.
Profession: U.S. Government Bureau Chief
"The Hyperfitness program made me 'functional,' meaning I am now capable of participating in a wide variety of sports, including:
biking, tennis, running, Volleyball, soccer..."
Sean Burch has made a dramatic improvement in my life over the five months that I have known him.  My goals were simple: improve my fitness so that I could play with my children, and improve my golf and tennis games.  I had limited fitness and several previous sports injuries, which I thought were limiting what I could achieve.
The Hyperfitness program that he put me on was the most physically challenging I have experienced, and one of his mantras, ‘put in the effort, and you will get the results,’ was true when I started and is still true today.
His program made me ‘functional,’ meaning I am now capable of participating in a wide variety of sports, including biking, tennis, running, volleyball, soccer, and so on.
A solid benefit of his Hyperfitness training is the mental side of fitness.  He brings a unique intensity and focus to fitness that strips away the distractions and the ‘can’t do’s’ that can easily impair the effectiveness of a program.
Now I am challenged with seeking out new fitness goals, since I have achieved and exceeded the fitness goals I had five months ago, and have recently set a new personal best in golf and ridden my bike four times farther than I had previously.
Steve P.
Profession: Construction Director
"I am still Hyperfitness Living 15 YEARS and counting."
One of the best decisions I have ever made, which has a major on all aspects of my life, was to try one of Sean Burch’s Hyperfitness program classes.  Little did I know that after sticking it out for several months, it would get me into superior shape, improve my productivity at work and my personal relationships with family and friends, and prove to me that I am capable of setting any goal and meeting it or, more important, exceeding it.  I am still Hyperfitness Living seven years and counting.
Mark O.
Profession: CEO


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