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Practices & Standards

Continuing with the ethics of Sean Burch's expeditions, The Icefall Doctor documentary is completely local-driven with hiring and utilizing natives and professionals of diverse backgrounds for all production aspects of the film. The standards are designed to encourage equitable representation on and off screen in order to better reflect the diversity of the film, it's subjects, and the audience. Producer and Director Sean Burch is the only American-born member of the team.

About the Film

The Sherpas, an ethnic group in Nepal, are renowned for their climbing skills, superior strength and endurance at high altitudes on Mt. Everest. 


Some of Everest's bravest Sherpas are "Icefall Doctors", whose job is to build and maintain the route through the most treacherous and deadliest part of the mountain, the Khumbu Icefall. 


For over 10 years we received unprecedented access to film the Icefall Doctors at work. A job widely considered to be the most dangerous on earth. 


The Icefall Doctor is the story of the original Icefall Doctor, Angnima Sherpa, and his last season of work as the leader of the team on Mt. Everest before his death.  

Financial return from the film, if any, will go toward rebuilding Angnima and Samdo's home, which is currently being occupied by his youngest son, Tshiring Dorjee Sherpa.

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