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The Accidental Life, Terry McDonell

I’ve read most of Terry’s edited pieces. During his tenor as editor in chief, he’s been to Outside, Men’s

Journal, Time, Sports Illustrated, Esquire… and the list goes on. All magazines I’ve subscribed to. I’d always read his opening editor letter… the guy could write as well as edit. So when I saw he’d written a book on his work, his friends, his life, I was in. He laid out the realities of editors, writers, deadlines, and of course, the bars. Writers and bars… oh yes, it’s true. He also revealed personal stories about the journalists, writers, and media personalities that blew across his path during his tenure at very popular magazines. Hunter S. Thompson, David Carr, George Plimpton, Steve Jobs, Jann Wenner, Edward Abbey, Jim Harrison.. and the list goes on. He knew them all. The writers I spent my time learning from, growing from… he edited their work. Writers I admired. Terry also provides practical advice; on how to write a compelling lede; and how a good editor works. An immensely enjoyable book that I took my time (i.e. read slowly so as not to miss any of the precious words and sentences). The preeminent editor of his time, and this book lets you experience his world as it was.


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