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The Martini Shot, George Pelecanos

Shorts stories based around EC with the novella, The Martini Shot, focuses on life on the set of a TV series with a writer/producer… and of course, a murder to keep it interesting. Some of the short stories were made into a film, DC Noir, which I watched last week before picking up this novel. Pelecanos was the Director of a few of the short stories in that film so the film and stories themselves were done right. I recommend the film highly. This book is full of cops, killers, creative types, gangsters, con men…. The usual, that makes Pelecanos’s first collection of short stories a delightful read. I must admit, when he ventures out of the DC landscape… as he does here in a few stories (something he rarely does), it's not nearly as compelling as his DC stories.  Just sayin.


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