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My Life with Frank Sinatra, George Jacobs

I got to reading this after reading Bogdanovich’s book profiling some of Hollywood’s elite. This suggestion caught my surprise, the author had been Sinatra’s right-hand man from 1953 to 1968, the prime years of ol’ blue eyes. It’s really a love story for George because he respected the man so much, but Sinatra ended up turning on him, as he did with many friends… and once Sinatra turned, he don’t look back. Highlights- Sinatra knew the fine art of casual sex, keeping his girlfriends as friends through lots of attention – gifts, sure… but more valuable things such as telephone and face time he would put in listening to their endless problems. Probably a major reason why he, his gang, his buddy JFK, and others frequented hookers so much… paying the pros was easier and less drama. Sinatra hated face-to-face partings, and would normally just disappear and stop calling the girlfriend. George’s fatal mistake was dancing with Mia Farrow… harmless, yet to Sinatra it seemed like betrayal. The idea that Sinatra’s valet was having a thing with his young move star wife was the stuff tabloids dreams were made of. This book dives into it all. He married and coddled with the most beautiful women in the world… but we all know why this is never enough…..he ended up dying a married, yet very lonely man.


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