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Gratitude, Oliver Sacks

Four essays, written by Sacks in the last two years of his life, as he faces aging, illness, and death. His first written just days before his 80th birthday, the next 18 months later after learning that the rare form of melanoma in his eye first diagnosed in 2005, had metastasized to his liver. Soon after he wrote his next essay as he enjoyed relative good health after treatment, which was as he reflected on his lifelong love for the periodic table of the elements and his own mortality. The last essay he wrote was published 2 weeks before his death in 2015. A heartfelt gaze on the words of a dying man and how each human’s uniqueness and to gratitude for the gift of life. If you’re in a depressive state, I do not recommend this as a joyful sit-down, tea drinking suggestion.


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