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The Cut, George Pelecanos

The start of a new series character in Spero Lucas... with, as always, DC being the backdrop. A veteran from Iraq… young, smart, well-versed in combat training and warfare who works with a defense attorney – Peterson – who hires him for special investigations. Lucas has a niche for clients requiring him to return stolen property with no questions asked. With this, comes a bigger payday. A high-profile crime boss in prison hires Lucas to look into seeing who’s stealing from him. Lucas doesn’t like working with these types of high-profile people, but the payday is too enticing to resist.  But Lucas is soon to find out if any cut of the take worth all the risks that he inevitably finds. The morality of human consequence with decisions made – this is always where Pelecanos shines brightest I find. This is what keeps me coming back time and time again to his books. He’s a master in crime writing.


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