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My Effin’ Life, Geddy Lee

I am a GenX white male… therefore the music of the band Rush is part of my DNA. I think it’s one of the commandments bestowed on us by the rock gods as we were growing up. I always knew the guys in the band had an incredible sense of humor, kindness, and originality to them, and this book reveals it all. Geddy Lee is a master storyteller and he reveals everything one can imagine about his life. He painfully describes the heartache of family members murdered in the holocaust. He recounts the transformation in the pursuit of music, dropping out of high school, forming the band with lifelong friend Alex, and the rest is history. The complete history of Rush is revealed in extraordinary detail. For the bandmates, they thought the way we did when looking at music. There was rock before Led Zep came along, and there was rock after. This was the band’s paradigm. I’d also like to add there was the band before Neil Peart, and the band after. Six years with John Rutsey as the drummer, and then.. well you know the rest. Hell, Peart created air drumming for us fans. You can see Geddy felt the band would go on forever.. at least it felt that way for him. Geddy’s intimate stories will have you laughing and mourning. You can see through his words that the book was an odyssey he never expected would reveal that much about him. The delight in his youthful escapades, other times cringing at his own mistakes and indiscretions. Scraping away all the life experiences to reveal the truth. You can feel he needed to get this stuff off his chest. Especially the deaths of friends, loved ones, Neil in 2020… everything. Now that he’s got this off his chest, that weight in our hearts we all feel from time to time, I think the man is at peace and ready to kick some more rock ass… satisfying to the soul.


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