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Drowning, TJ Newman

So, I haven’t read a beach-read book in a while.. the Grisham, Patterson-type book that takes a few hours to read in one go. I was looking forward to reading Newman’s new book considering I enjoyed her first book, Falling. This one’s not as good, but still worth a few hours of your time… like a binged series that’s watchable just to unwind and empty your mind, not filling it with meaningful content. Sometimes we need that. It starts right away with people on a plane and engines on fire minutes after takeoff from Hawaii. Seconds later it crashes into the Pacific Ocean skating along the water. The heavy winds, gas, and flames burn and kill everyone who got out the doors, leaving 12 passengers trapped inside a sinking plane. That’s the setting… and a good one. You want to know how the hell they get out, and Newman will keep you guessing. I won’t tell you anymore, because it will keep you turning the page for the few hours it takes to read this screenplay… umm, I mean book. The big fault I have with this one is the fact that it reads exactly like a screenplay. I’ve written several and have read thousands. Since her 1st book, Falling, got a movie deal, she’s writing this one so she can make it two for two. I get it. You need to use the flame while it's burning, but the trouble is, the story is affected by this. Too many cheesy one-liners and short paragraphs written as cut-and-paste scenes for the ensuing screenplay surely to arise. She needed to dive deeper, no pun intended… more of the logistics factor, equipment, and backstory of characters.. ie meaningful content we can learn from to actually experience the overall story deeper. I guess in today’s quick, AI, “I just have no time” time (which is BS) society, is what’s selling now? Don’t get me wrong, I liked the book, but it’s easy, it’s a non-challenger, a reflection where nothing gets under your skin book… just a turn-the-pager. Sometimes we need that… that’s why if you like sitting your butt down on a beach chair during the summer, this type of book is exactly what you’ll need. And sometimes, and perhaps even a majority of the time, that’s more than enough to make you smile.


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