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Lifespan, David Sinclair

Some people are just brilliant in the classroom.. and surround themselves with brilliant people. This guy is one of them. He knows well, at our end of life: After we draw our last breath, our cells will scream for oxygen, toxins will accumulate, chemical energy released, cellular structures will disintegrate. A few minutes later, all our education, wisdom, and memories that we cherished, and all of our future potential, will be irreversibly erased. Explains why he has come to see aging as a disease, one that not only can be but should be aggressively treated. He introduces steps on how to do this, right now and new therapies in development. Goes in to length on how our DNA is constantly under attack. What causes it? Life. Chemicals, radiation, DNA copying, etc. Discusses a combo of fasting and exercise lengthening lifespan. As well as less-than-comfortable temps is another very effective way to turn on your longevity genes. Some of the most critical daily decisions that affect how long we live are centered around the foods we eat. Stark realizations that we are at population density, and the increase is unsustainable unless we make dramatic changes in all areas of development… and he ends on suggestions on what needs to be done.

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