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Maid, Stephanie Land

One of the greatest things about the willingness to get on your hands and knees to scrub a toilet is you’ll never have trouble finding work. She is so right. Another lesson – appreciating the stuff you have, the life you have, using the space you were given. She wished it wasn’t a forced journey, but recognized it as an important part of being here. What she learned from her well-to-do clients – the things she yearned for in those dark nights sitting up alone- that they did not seem to enjoy life any more than she did. Most worked long hours, away from homes they worked so hard to pay for, with even farther commutes then hers. She began looking through their rapidly growing stashes of alcohol, hidden chocolate, unopened bags from the mall that remained untouched for months. She was intrigued by understanding how people coped. She snooped because she was bored, and, in a way, it became her own coping mechanism. There’s a lot to learn in her story about how to live and look at the world.

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