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Think Like A Monk, Jay Shetty

Introduces his readers on how to adopt a monk mindset i.e. stripping ourselves of external influences, internal influences, and fears that hold us back, expanding and sharing your sense of gratitude, and deepening relationships. As well as he goes through three different types of meditation: breathwork, visualization, and sound. He had a few good ideas on a way to think of the mind and use it as a way to overcome hardships, depression, anxiety. A 'modern' take at meditation and a Buddhist path. However there are far better books out there that teach the very essence of Buddhism. This reminds me of those celebrity churches where supposed hip preachers gospel the word of God in a modern society. Not everything has to be this way. I find those who are older, who have aged the years, have the real experience and resume to back it up, have much more profound things to teach.


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