I’ve always been an avid reader… especially when I began going on long expeditions and needed to keep preoccupied during storm days, rest days, loss of sanity days. One of my favorite things to do, still, is going to the library and check out a book. It’s like Christmas morning, especially if I’m fortunate to be the first to read a brand-new book they’ve just acquired.


The reason I’ve decided to start posting books I read is a selfish one.  If this gets one person to put down their smartphone, turn off their laptop or TV, and sit for an undisturbed period of time to enjoy a good book, then it’s worth it. The benefits are abundant.


Most books I read have been suggested to me by other readers, admirers, or in magazine reviews. Not every book I read I like… though a majority of those won’t be posted because I just can’t finish them… too boring and won't hold my attention.


Get outside, sit under a tree or pop in a tent, and read.


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The Water Will Come, Jeff Goodell

Scary read and upsetting. Believable? Absolutely. Taking care of our environment should not be a Democrat or Republican issue. It’s a world population issue. I’ve seen firsthand the effects of global warning at the North Pole, in Nepal, in Africa. His scenarios and call to action are real and hopefully get you excited to act now, not when our children are in dire straits.

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