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You Can’t Make This Up, Al Michaels

If you’re GenX like I am and enjoy a time in the past where sports and professional ballplayers actually showed and displayed loyalty to their teams, and in turn made the meaning and impact of professional games mean something, then there was a strict confidence in hearing Al Michael’s voice as the sportscaster. Through the more than 50 years he’s covered everything – NBA, NFL ,Wide World of Sports, Olympics, etc. This book reexaminations the many stories he’s undoubtedly experienced in the sports world. How Howard Cosell was prickly, how O.J. was kind and upstanding (relating to the job and personally), John Madden, Chris Collinsworth, Pete Rose… he covers many of the flavorful characters in our sports world growing up. The most impactful and what I remember him most for is the 1980 Olympic hockey game-US vs Russia). “Do you believe in miracles” line has been juxtaposed with others as one of the greatest lines in sports history. Al’s impact on Monday Night Football and Sunday Night football commentary can never be denied. A family man, a loyal husband, and a giant in his industry that was fortunate and blessed (he’s the first to acknowledge this) he was able to call some of the most thrilling games and fascinating figures in modern sports.


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