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Year’s Best Sports Writing 2022, JJ Adande

Some great stories in here--- A woman who ran the Badwater Marathon and what she lost and found with her experiences during it…the toughness of her mental set in running an ultramarathon – when people patronized her and told her lies in the interest of being nice, that offended her on a deep level (I completely agree)… fighting to prove to yourself that you’re tougher than you think than what others think; Watching bull riding in Texas on an aircraft carrier during COVID; the grace and decency of baseball’s Henry Aaron; freediver Alenka Artnik from Slovenia training for her world record attempt; the life as an assistant to Tommy Lasorda; Rosalie Fish to be a face of change for Indigenous peoples; Canelo Alvarez’s work ethic and the quest for immortality in the boxing world; the forgotten Charlotte, NC soccer star and his death; Antetokounmpo’s path to least resistance in the NBA and choosing during his life to do everything the hard way instead of doing the easy things in life. That’s just some of the highlights… at least one of these stories hits home, where you nod in agreement, and confer with what’s being read… sports is a universal link between all societies as well as the individual.


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