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World Travel, Anthony Bourdain

He met with Woolever and they discussed writing the book I was holding. They spent an hour going over the outline. A book on his favorite travel locations and the spots, hotels, eating joints he loved and recommended. He was gone before having the chance to write those essays. So Woolever recruited his brother, his friends, and colleagues to contribute their own collected thoughts and memories about places they experienced with Tony, as well as his recollections which were taken directly from the shows and essays he wrote before his death. The quotes were pulled mostly from his written transcripts of those TV shows. It’s the best we got, and I’ll take it. His writing was fabulous… his style, prose, unique and telling…. It made you feel as if you were there with him sharing in a meal or experience. This is a good companion book while you watch his shows in the countries and cities he visited and described in this book. His brother Christopher’s recollections are an interesting insight as well. I enjoyed the sections on the USA and Vietnam the most. Those alone are worth it. I’ve been dying to go to Vietnam ever since Tony gleamed on how it held such a special place in his heart and imagination…he kept coming back. Just wish there were snow capped peaks there. Don’t forget to read the Film References in the Appendix in relation to directors and Tony’s inspirations for shooting shows in certain countries.


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