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Why Fish Don’t Exist, Lulu Miller

The way the author talks about healing is completely new and beautiful within the context of her subjects. What begins on a quest to find out everything there is to know about David Starr Jordan – a scientist, first Pres of Stanford U, an ardent eugenicist… turns into a much more evolving story of the author trying to find hope in chaos, the meaning of life, and getting out of depression - some prescription of hope in an uncaring world. About how to have faith without faith. It turns out Jordan was not the man many thought he was. His brutality. His remorselessness. The sheer depth of his descent, the breadth of his rampage. A story of searching when in the end she finds. She realizes that it is our life’s work to tear down this order, to keep tugging at it, trying to unravel it, to set free the organisms trapped underneath. That it is our life’s work to mistrust our measures. Especially those about moral and mental standing.


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