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Unsub, Meg Gardiner

As soon as I finished reading Heat 2 (where Gardiner was a co-author), I immediately sought another book of hers. And this one did not disappoint. She is a terrific author when it comes to writing thrillers. Hell, I didn’t even know I liked thrillers until I started reading her work. Caitlin Hendrix is a brand new Narcotics detective when the killer at the heart of a serial murder rampage, that plagued her father years ago, reemerges. His name – The Prophet. He leaves in his path cryptic messages, gruesome crime scenes, and an unseemly panache for not getting caught and terrorizing the Hendrix family as a bonus. Caitlin does a deep dive, begins to ignore her father’s warnings, and is willing to do whatever it takes to take the Prophet down. Right away, what’s not to love about Caitlin – she’s intelligent, strong, and determined to persevere. You’ll follow and believe in her as I did.


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