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Unrequited Infatuations, Stevie Van Zandt

The man knows music, no doubt. Though if you believe everything he says then everything and everyone he ever gave advice to had a hand in everything good that he touched. They not only listened to him but took most of his ideas… Bruce Springsteen, David Chase, execs of networks, etc etc. Ex: He quitting the band is the main reason Bruce ended up marrying Patti… it was because of him and he takes credit for it all. I’d be thinking, where’s he going with this. Does he think X occurred because of him? Yep, somehow he puts it down on paper as the all-knowing messiah of ideas and truths. He also tries to promote himself as a tough guy… I’m sorry but being a character does not make you tough. He is right on many issues – everything is alive, everything is connected, everything is forever. He writes of the hard work of being a live band, ten years by the time Born to Run came out, to be secure enough with their craft to appear casual and inevitable. He wanted to be in the business his whole life, though the business many times did not return the love. No one cares about your life, your gift, your job… the genius is telling people about their lives. Helping them understand their existence. Let them know that you understand what they’re going through and that they are not alone. What I learned is true – creating content is only half the story… marketing is the other half. The band, the solo career, The Sopranos, Lilyhammer (a great show BTW), and the music.. Stevie lays it down as he saw it, all in his world. The book’s worth it for the stories and musical knowledge, just the attitude can get quite abrasive.


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