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Three Plays, Sam Shepard

The Late Henry Moss- A father and his two estranged sons… the father has died. Being dead inside after committing sins. You are alive, but really feel dead inside for years. The son’s guilt for not stopping his father. The younger son was upset about his brother not stepping in and doing something. The younger brother is not one to live in the past while the older brother lives in the past. The death of their father begins to piece together. Eyes for Consuela – A Mexican bandit and an American tourist confront one another’s present, past, and future. Henry and Amado separated from the ones they love. The American escapes down to Mexico thinking to hide you from yourself, to make a new start. The bandit wants to cut out the eyes of the American for his true love. He wants the American’s blue eyes, the tourist insisting his eyes weren’t blue. Amado insists Henry is losing his mind; Henry insists he has seen the devil in his dreams and he is growing restless. It’s about refusing to see the truth. Without sacrifice, there is no love. Even though you may have eyes, you may be blind in this world. One needs to see the world with new eyes each day. When the World Was Green – a journalist interviews an old man in prison… their conversations. Did the old man kill the wrong man he hunted? A man and vendetta whom he tracked down around the world for years. He decides it must be him, doubts aside, longing to finish what he started. Then it turns to the fact that he killed the wrong man, the father of the interviewer or the old man may be the father the interviewer has been searching for.


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