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The StoryTeller, Dave Grohl

How did Dave, everyone knows of Dave, a local boy of NOVA spend his time during lockdown? By writing a book. The man always has to be doing something… can’t stand still. I know that feeling well. I enjoyed that this wasn’t an autobiography per say. It was Dave telling stories as if you were hanging out in the room with him having a beer and a doobie. So these were moments from various periods in his life that stuck as poignant to him. Most definitely an honest portrait of his life, his intense passion for music, his loyalty to his friends, his bandmates, and his mother. He’s just as surprised as we are how a boy from Springfield, Virginia was this fortunate and placed him to of the most iconic bands of all time in Nirvana and the Foo Fighters. Reflections on his family and dedication to everything he pursues is a sure sign that luck plays a minimal part in a person’s success. It’s moments of happenings, incidents that you make your own that end up building into something glorious. He is a collector of moments, and the moments he shares serve well as a good read.

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