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The One Inside, Sam Shepard

The memories of a man begin to overtake him as Shepard’s narrative navigates between the present and the past. He sees his late father – flying planes, at war. In other memories, he captures the bygone era of his youth…. He talks about disappearing – how everything was disappearing. There used to be bonfires, people laughing and having a good time. The night was full of sparks. Songs. Little children running and screaming with glee People in love walking hand in hand, while bonfires would shoot straight up to the stars. That is all gone now. Shepard’s language and storytelling were always a language of poetry mixed in with humor. He filters life through a vast trough of intersecting what is real and what may be perceived as only his memory can recall. The farmlands, railyards, diners, and a young girlfriend causes a rift between him and his father. Poetry storytelling.


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