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The Night of the Gun, David Carr

I watched a documentary on the NY Times, and their columnist David Carr was the most interesting section… when I heard he’d written his memoir on how he was once an addict and chronicled his journey from crack-house regular to columnist for the NY Times, I bit. He goes back and digs his way through his past to find out what rally happened… not what his drug-laced mind remembered. Arrested numerous times, fired, prospered, becoming adept to working while on mood-altering chemicals. The memories unravel throughout the book where he finally begins to know the real truth of himself, his actions, and those he hurt. Self-destruction to redemption, to daily survival. The stories were sometimes funny, sometimes positively insane, the turmoil of the mind and the fight against yourself. Makes you feel as if you're not as f*$@ed up with your past after reading this guy's journey.


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