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The Man Who Came Uptown, George Pelecanos

Local legend and writer in our DC area (The Wire, Treme series) renders the redemption story of an ex-con who emerges with a newfound love of reading, a debt to a man who got him out of prison, and bafflement at a partly gentrified Washington DC. George makes the point… Do we really know anyone? Especially those that we see walking by us on the street. Someone with a troubled past.. to anyone watching, they could be one of many out on the street, going along.. they couldn’t know that person’s inner life, their history. It’s good to know who you are and where you hope to go in life. Characters with skewed morals but they’re headed in the right direction. Loyalty is prevalent in the characters and something I always enjoy reading. Each of the characters must make tough choices in a high-stake situations… small or large, they all matter.


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