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The Defense Lawyer, James Patterson

Not one of his best to say the least. It’s the story of Barry Slotnick, who was a lawyer in NYC and represented clients in high-profile cases. If you’re interested in Bernard Goetz – the subway vigilante from back in the 80s or with Mob and John Gotti, and you enjoy the law or practice law, then this book is definitely for you. Slotnick’s game plans for his cases were genius on many fronts no doubt, but I was reading about sleaze and character flaws that I have no interest in. I didn’t care that Goetz got acquitted, nor what happened to the majority of the clients Slotnick defended. The only reason I kept going was the fact that when I start something, I finish it. A quirk that has helped me in many ways within my life as well as hampered it.


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