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Talk Show, Dick Cavett

His online columns he wrote for the opinion section of the NY Times. These are from 2007-2010. A wide range of subjects including: Pres Nixon; Bill Buckley, John Cheever and John Updike on a show together; coincidences beyond belief; multiple Groucho, Johnny Carson, the magician Slydini stories; nostalgic childhood memories; the feeling of being jet-lagged; his Uncle in WW II; John McCain and politics; when the guest died on his show; the ending of the Sopranoes series; Cavett’s feelings about obese people; Norman Mailer; gore Vidal; the death of Bobby Fischer the chess king a guest on his show; managing depression; Richard Burton; Jack Benny; meeting John Wayne. If you enjoy Cavett’s wit, which I do (most of the time), and his various talk shows he’s had through the years… you’ll eat this up.


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