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Scars and Stripes, Tim Kennedy

I picked this book up because I remember Tim when he fought for the UFC. So, what the hell, let’s dive deeper into what this guy is about – his character, his ethos. No doubt, he came off as loyal to his crew and he definitely can back himself up in the heat of battle. His opening second paragraph pretty much describes his whole ethos of himself. But, he is way too full of himself and I’ll tell you why… any person who writes about himself in 3rd person is an immediate indication of major narcissism. “We get back in the vehicle and head back to the hotel, but this is the turning point for Tim Kennedy.” He just kept reiterating how much of a badass he was. Don’t get me wrong, he is a tough hombre, but there is no need to tell an audience how great you are and that you can kick anyone’s butt. “My crew is freaked out, but I’m reasonably sure I can kill everyone in the room without breaking a sweat, so I am less worried.” That’s great Tim, congrats. I am glad you think you’re so terrific, can take someone’s life at any time and at will, and that you’re great… because your book isn’t.


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