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Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino

If you can’t get enough of the film… who can, it's genius, then this book is a nice companion. This is a much deeper dive into the film during the 60s with Quentin expounding in much deeper detail his vast knowledge of films, actors, themes, etc during that period. We get to learn much more about what makes Rick Dalton tick as an actor, who he respects, why, and where he is at that time in the late 60s that got him there. But it’s Cliff Booth’s narrative that’s by far the most interesting. The fact that he’s killed previously many times, a WW II hero, and his relationship with Rick. This does not follow the film verbatim. There’s no ending such as in the film, and that scene is mentioned only a few sentences early in the book. A character narrative and dissection piece we can all expect from the author. After reading the book I watched the film again, and it makes you see and interpret scenes much differently than before, and you can peer more into the minds of what made these characters tick that resulted in their actions.


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