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Nothin But a Good Time, T Beaujour & R. Bienstock

The new definitive book on the 1980’s hard rock explosion that I was a hug fan of. Yet another book that I didn’t want to end. They do it right. The entire 528 pages consist of interviews with those bands and the member that were there, reliving the life, stories – the ascend and descend of hair metal. I was and am still a devotee of hair metal rock. Hell, I wore my concert shirt from Ratt’s first tour just last week. This is summer reading at it’s best. You sit back, read, smile, laugh and remember along with the members of bands you followed religiously through the 80s. It never get’s old does it? I still feel like a teenager, and when I read this book, listen to the music, the memories come in a flood… a long-hair, head-bangin, pump your fist in the air bonanza of good times and smiles. And in the end, those are sometimes the best books to read. So, get out your Dokken, Motley Crue, Ratt tapes… whatever gleams hair band, find something that can actually play those types of things now, push play, open this book, and start bangin your head!… but not too hard, because you’ll have neck issues afterwards. We aint that young.


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