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Into the Black Nowhere, Meg Gardiner

The second book in her Unsub series. This one begins after Caitlin has completed her training to become an FBI agent, and now she’s newly assigned to their Behavioral Analysis Unit. Their target is a serial killer who murders women on Saturday nights in Texas along the I-35 corridor. To track him, she must get inside his mind. What I like most about Meg’s books is that the lead characters, the law enforcement officers, etc are not bumbling idiots. That would be too easy an out. There are complex story angles that she makes sure she closes all the loops. In some books, things are done and said and they leave it at that. Not here. Every action has a reaction and a solution, and an ending for that action. All her characters are strong. Hell, the morning after everything is over, she strips, cleans, oils, and reassembles her Glock before spending time at the firing range. That’s all I’ll say. This is a thriller, so don’t want to give much away. If you like Meg’s books, which I do, you won’t be disappointed.


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