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I am Brian Wilson, Brian Wilson

The memoirs of the legendary Beach Boy member offer insights into his difficult relationship with his father, the women in his life, his parenting experiences, and the events that inspired his music. Not the usual memoir linear from birth to present. He jumps all over the timeline… like his mind. For a time he got sick of touring so he’d stay at home and just wrote songs… at first he enjoyed, but pressure to produce, a man trapped in his own mind began to literally and physically drive him crazy…. Blackouts, voices in his head. Discusses in detail the breakdown of his songs.. for example how one of his best, ‘God Only Knows’… he spent a year imagining how the melody would work and another year on the lyrics… that song is one he’s most proud of because it had a real message in it; how he created ‘Caroline, No’ all by himself; and one of the greatest moments in his life was receiving the Kennedy Center Honors Award. He’s a very complex individual, and you don’t know how much the influence of the drugs he took are talking and those affects mentally and physically on his writing style.


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