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Heat 2, M Mann and M Gardiner

Another first-read patron when this came to our library. Magnificent. Doesn't get any better. The pages smell brand new and the words on the pages are idyllic. If you were a devotee of the movie ‘Heat’, which I most certainly was, as well as I’m sure anyone who appreciates impactful and artful cinema, this book is an absolute must-read. There is no need to give any more up on the details of the dimensions, the rich complexities of the characters, the unexpected repercussions, parallel narratives, the pace, and the heartbeat of a book that will most certainly become a classic. I savored each page and looked forward to my morning read with coffee like a holy experience. For someone who thought the Heat saga was over, it’s only just begun. This book begins one day after the movie ends and does an incredible job showing the backstory of our favorite characters – Shiherlis (Val Kilmer), Hanna (Al Pacino), and McCauley (Bob DeNiro). The book will drop you into their world from page 1 and not let you up until the end. And the best part is the book ends with much more to say on the story… thankfully, gratefully. I just wish I could continue their journey immediately. This is a masterpiece of crime fiction and you’d be foolish not to read it if you love the movie Heat.


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