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Hard Revolution, George Pelecanos

Book 4 of the Derek Strange series. George takes us back to Strange when he was a rookie cop back in D.C. in 1968. The year the town burned after MLK’s assassination. The focus is on the dynamics of the Strange family – Derek’s parents -  hard-working, religious, and upstanding morally. Derek’s brother Dennis – angry at the world and for the situations and circumstances that he is in… back from Vietnam with a disability pension and zero prospects. He was raised right, and has good intentions, but is guided more by his bad habits than anything else. We are introduced to Frank Vaughn, a detective getting closer to retirement, who has seen it all in DC through the years and is overall a good cop. Bad people do bad things and it's up to the MPD, most specifically Derek and Frank to set things right.  No one gets out of here unscathed. As in life, no one is perfect. Everyone has faults… everyone. It’s the decisions and actions that end up defining the human being. Corruption, a city in fire, looting, racism… its all prevalent. How do our main characters handle it? Read and you’ll find out.                                                                               

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