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Fox & I, Catherine Raven

A disturbed woman with a difficult past who finds solace with animals alone. A fictional tale. Hell no, it’s this author. A long time ago she arrived at the logical conclusion that when your parents don’t want you, no one else will. So she went to live a solitary life. She saw herself alone in the furthest future she could imagine. She never felt lonely. But she did attach herself to a fox that came by every day at her lonesome cabin at 16:15. Extremely intelligent from a Mensa standpoint, the author was mentally not all together. I don’t think there is anything wrong with seeing the world differently than another. But with this author, her writing is one of a mad woman who obviously has personal issues and experienced pain in the past that makes her have a disdain for people in general, especially in groups, and seeks solitude and love for a fox. In the same instance, it seems the book chronicles a woman losing her mind – her visions, metaphors, talking to herself regarding very strange topics.. it added up to me that I am glad she seeks solitude because perhaps that’s exactly where she needs to be.


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