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Falling, TJ Newman

When I read a film adaptation that’s in the works, I just had to pick up the book and read it before the film ruined the story… not always, but…. A marital excavation written by a formal flight attendant, a stranger rigs a pilot’s family with explosives – if he doesn’t crash his plane, his family will die. And so begins the fun and twists and turns. The vantage point from the flight attendants is what makes it so unique and original. I’m not big into thrillers… hardly ever pick’em up… this one was damn good… perfect for those who like to sit at the beach during the summer and just veg. That’s not me… I can’t stand sitting still on a seashore just hanging out day after day, but I’m glad TJ made me take the leap. Some pleasant, deeper meaning themes and inner conflicts on death. Death feels personal but it’s not. It’s never personal cause we all die. No one escapes it. It’d the only fair thing in the world. The bad people aren’t bad for no reason… there’s always a reason. This passage was good on how a flight attendant finally understood why passengers often resisted little requests like putting a bag away or raising their seatback. It’s the same impulse that stopped them from saying the things they wanted to say, doing the things they wanted to do and being who they wanted to be. They’d do it tomorrow, or next time. Later. Tomorrow has no guarantees. A realization many, if not most of us, forget. Remember, this is a thriller, written in prose that won’t win any awards for its utter mastery of the English vernacular.. but still, a must-read for any lazy summer day. Splendid.


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