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Eat to Beat Disease, Dr. William Li

The most stimulating book on food versus wellness that I’ve read in awhile. Book relays how food can fight disease and transform your health. Shares the story behind the power of the health defense systems and how we can harness their healing powers… then reveals the foods that activate these health systems… then practical ways to incorporate these foods into your life. Such as: A strong immunity system it can protect you against cancer. Of all cancer deaths, an estimated 30% are linked to diet. Up to 90-95% of cancers are linked to exposures from the environment and our lifestyle. Guiding principles to taking care of your microbiome: consume lots of dietary fiber from whole foods, eat less animal protein, and eat more whole foods then processed foods. He provides sample meal guide and recipes. One of the most profound things I still fascinating… I know this… but it still helps to read to keep me grounded in nutrition… the most powerful way to beat disease is to prevent it in the first place… eating to beat disease empowers you to help yourself and the people you care about.


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