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Dusk Night Dawn, Anne Lamott

Short stories weaved together with topics on your soul; the stories we keep hidden out of fear of rejection; how difficult it is to forgive yourself; forgiveness itself. Some stories are way too preachy. She is terrified and worries about nearly everything. One of her secrets to life is if you want to have loving feelings, do loving things. In marriage: married life is your partner, is your friend that you get to sleep with and wake up with at its most basic. The weirdness that’s wearing her down such as her body degenerating over time from athlete to grandma pudding. Most of her life force goes into trying to self-will life and herself into cooperating with how she thinks things should be. The greatest gift she feels we can offer someone is letting them see, every so often, beneath all the trappings and pretense to the truth of ourselves.


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