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Dinner with the President, Alex Prud’Homme

Just released, this an excellent read on how Presidents and meals at the White House, throughout our nation’s history, help dictate significant moments in American history. Fascinating and a must-read for those who are curious about Presidents’ tastes in cuisine, or lack thereof. A few highlights--- the people’s debauchery at Lincolns 2nd Ball and similarities in how critics act toward the President then and now… they were just as coldhearted; the popularity of terrapin turtle soup by Presidents up to the 1950s – it was FDR’s ‘lucky’ soup; Jefferson was a food gourmet; Eisonhower was considered the most accomplished cook of all the Presidents; Jefferson, FDR, Ike used ‘quiet’ meals with politicians, industralists, and other leaders to take the measure of a man; America has shipped food abroad to aid other countries since 1812 when Madison sent aid to earthquake victims in Venezuels; USA – still the world’s largest supplier of food aid; details on all the Presidential cooks, what they served; Jackie Kennedy revolutionized food and entertaining at the WH with fine dining, cosmopolitan vigor; LBJ’s legislation around nutrition to assist the hungry and impoverished… his war on poverty; Nixon’s disdain for ‘official’ meals and diplomatic dinners; both Roosevilet’s were master gastropoliticians; the influences of the first ladies on their husbands, food, power; Carter’s fine cooking Southern homey dishes; the Clintons healthy eating trend and promotion of healthy American cuisine; Obama was an adventurious eater who knew that food connects people acroos time, space, and cultures and contains meaning beyone sustenance; Obama had the most globally informed palate of any President in history; Trump was considered the ‘fast food’ Pres and would serve fast food at banquets; and the WH itself, which symbolizes and represents America exceptionalism and power and democracy where food can act as a bridge between Dem and Rep for food follows no party lines and is a way to share human connection.


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