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Dear Cary, Dyan Cannon

I chose this novel for one reason only – Cary Grant. I had no clue he’d been married to Dyan Cannon so it churned my interest. It was a pity fest in my opinion Cannon as being the complete victim and Cary was the evil-doer. The problem was this- he was 61, and she was 28. Enough said. They both should have known this marriage wasn’t going to work out, so that, from a marriage standpoint, they’re both idiots. He apparently forced her to take LSD to expand and open her mind to new things in order to save their marriage. No one is an angel, we all know that… it just came across that her story wasn’t believable. Regarding the hope that the old magic/lust would find them again… her metaphors were insipid. If you look and read about her now… the numerous facelifts that make her appear ghoulish, she has done her best to change her career for the better and largely succeeded. But her mental state always seemed to be in question… then and now.


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