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Cinema Speculation, Quentin Tarantino

If you enjoy deep-diving on cinema from 1968 to 1980, then this book is for you. Quentin displays the incredible knowledge and love he has for all films. What I enjoyed the most is that I am a (as many people are) cinephile, and I thought I knew seventies cinema somewhat well. Quentin puts me to shame and I’m thankful for it. His critiques of many movies I’ve seen, and his introduction of many more that I haven’t opened up new and potentially terrific films to have the pleasure of watching. I must have perused close to 30 trailers of 70s films looking for a new film that will cause a pause, deep speculation, and internal and external discussion among other cinephiles, and help me grow and expand my film-eye with documentaries I am working on.

The obvious love for films is vastly apparent here, and you know, already through Quent’s own films that the man was born to make films. And audience members, including this one, are deeply thankful.


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