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Between Two Kingdoms, Suleika Jaouad

The author develops leukemia in her early twenties given a 35% chance of survival… the dreams we all have in youth, the life imagined, just vanishes. She spends the next 4 years in hospital beds and begins chronicling her life in the NY Times. She begins to write on the advice that as if we are all dying because in the end we are all terminal patients on this earth- the mystery being not if, but when. She writes with a fervor… death being the great motivator. She decides to reenter the world again by going on a 100-day project of traveling around the U.S. with her dog Oscar, visiting some of those people who wrote and corresponded with her that 4 years while she was in the hospital. She learns many things as one can do when traveling alone. It is possible for you to alter the course of your becoming. The awareness that haunts her and most of everyone – it can all be lost in a moment. And the realization that she would not reverse her diagnosis if she could. She would not take back what she suffered to gain this knowledge and experiences.


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