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Antifragile, Nassim Taleb

Taleb’s philosophical book that discusses the evolution of the antifragile system; what happens when we starve systems; the asymmetry of things grounded within the writings of Seneca, a Roman philosopher and doer; mapping fragility and showing where it derives from a certain class of convex strategies; the wisdom and effectiveness over addition; and the grounded ethics in transfers of fragility with one party getting the benefits and the other one harm, and points out problems arising from the absence of having skin in the game. I was interested in the mechanism of overcompensation that hides in the most unlikely places. Example – the trick that if you need something urgently done, give the task to the busiest or second busiest in the office. Most humans manage to squander their free time, as free time makes them dysfunctional, lazy, and unmotivated… the busier… they get it, the more active they are at other tasks. Read this book very slowly and give yourself plenty of time to finish it. This is not light reading to say the least, and it’s nuggets are well-hidden.


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