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A Man of the World, Gilbert M. Grosvenor

GMG is a neighbor of mine. We live in the same county and our paths have crossed. His entire family has been knee-deep in NGS since the beginning of 1888. His background is one of privilege and wealth he has done well with it. He’s a 5th generation member of the organization’s founding family. He goes through stories with Peary, Earheart, his great-grandfather Alexander Graham Bell, Jane Goodall, Cousteau, Barry Bishop, and many others. What made NGS so good was their efforts to be strictly objective, accurate, and nonpartisan, along with conviction in war, business, and life. NGS was launched into the global arena ultimately publishing the magazine in 33 local-language editions. At its height they had over 8M subscribers. In the 2000s the NGC became the financial engine of the Society. NGS is now owned by Disney. Each department through the years boasted leaders who served three decades or more, which exemplifies a tradition of quality and craftsmanship handed reverently from one generation to another. The pride in their workmanship is shown brightly by GMG and his life.


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