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A Gentleman in Moscow, Amor Towles

Centered in Moscow, a Count is sentenced to house arrest in a chic hotel across from the Kremlin for the remainder of his life in an attic room. The model of mastering his circumstances is a different sort of captive altogether. This elegant man eventually chooses a philosophy… most specifically reshaping destinies of other individuals. The characters are unique and spread across many years. Fate draws him into taking in a little girl to care for (a music virtuoso who flourishes at a Conservatory), attempts to help those in service of the common good. He leaves only one time to the hospital for the girl (she get’s injured) before returning to the hotel. Humans can become adaptable at anything… and the Count is no different. What matters to him is not receiving a round of applause, rather having the courage to venture forth despite the uncertainties of acclaim. People play an essential role at every turn, critical juncture to help fulfill life’s purpose for him and those around him. Does he ever leave the hotel? Of course, but how he and Sofia manage their own escapes is the kicker.


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