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Writing My Wrongs, Shaka Senghor

A story of committing a crime, doing time, and spending years in solitude. A life chosen in the gang-infested neighborhoods of Detroit. The author was fearless, didn’t care, and would destroy anything in his path, including himself. A mother who didn’t care about his well-being, his safety…so he turned to the streets. His time in prison was rightfully deserved, but as the years piled on he made the decision to do something about it – reading books on spirituality, faith, meditation – activities to keep himself strong and resolute. And writing… which helped him realize deep emotional issues he’s never before addressed – biggest being the hurt from his relationship with his mother, the physical violence suffered as a child and how it made him feel toward people. Close to twenty years in prison.. and when he was let out, the love of a woman, his father who’d stuck by him, and in general, people who cared placed him on the right path.. his story led to fellowships at MIT Media lab, Kellogg foundation and invitations to speak across the country. Redemption.

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