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The Sun Does Shine, Anthony Ray Hinton

Now this is the definition of a human being. If only everyone had his attitude, strength, and compassion. Wrongly accused of a murder he was placed on death row for over 30 years. Ray teaches us about human dignity, about human worth and value. His story helps us understand what it means to survive, to overcome, and to forgive. Ray was sustained during his long years on Alabama’s death row by the love of his mother and a childhood friend who never failed to visit him over the course of those 30 years. On death row everyone cried at night. One person would stop and another would start. There was no real laughter on death row. Those that could sleep yelled out in their dreams. “I was born with the impulse to reach out and lessen the suffering of another human being. It as a igft, and we each had a choice whether to use this gift or not.” He knew everything is a choice. And spending your days waiting to die is no way to live. Death row taught him that it all matters. How we live matters. Do we choose love or do we choose hate? Do we help or do we harm? It would be an honor to meet and shake his hand.

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